Mixed media on French linen

84cm x 125cm
  • Artwork Description

    Hommage À Mondrian – “Remembering Mondrian”. As the name suggests, the work is artist Kongo's tribute to painter Mondrian - who first laid the foundation for the Neoplasticism school with unique neoplastic art. Mondrian is one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His theory of abstraction not only simplifies the changing process of painting, but it has a profound influence on architecture, graphic design and architecture. graphic design, industrial design.
    By thinking beyond the frame of reference of the surrounding world, Mondrian's simplifications of lines and rectangles (Neo Plasticism) explored the dynamism of motion through independent color and form. 

    “Hommage À Mondrian” is also based on Mondrian’s own color principle, which is to use only the primary pure colors (yellow, red, blue), and the so-called colorless (gray, white, black). The work is a tribute to the talented artist "Piet Mondrian" - who has continuously inspired Kongo's creativity throughout his creative journey.


Cyril Kongo’s artworks is marked by his experience and his vision of life. After painting in the streets for more than 30 years and working so that graffiti can be perceived differently, this artist is now considered as a pioneer who understood how to break the codes and build something new through his contemporary and “avant-gardiste” point of view. His influences are multicultural, his level of excellence and his capacity to create new bridges between opposite worlds has forged his style and career.



Cyril Kongo has been able to associate his name with excellence, abundance and virtuosity. He comes from a marginalized environment which has been set aside of the institutionalized art industry but today this visionary artist is known internationally. His singular universe and his strong identity gave him the opportunity to collaborate with the most prestigious names of fashion such as Hermès, Chanel, Richard Mille but also with luxurious brands based on art and craftsmanship such as La Cornue, Pinel&Pinel, Atelier Victor, Daum,…