Limited Collection

    In the age of Coronavirus, face masks are not only an aspect of daily life but also a fashion statement. And this January, S&S and Cyril Kongo are proudly to present our new collection “Kongo Mask 2022”. These abstract prints from Cyril Kongo are sure to brighten your look. 

    Originated from graffiti, Cyril Kongo plays a major role in taking this form of art beyond the streets. He impressed the audiences with distinctive style, skillful techniques and vivid colour scheme, which showcases his own “joie de vivre” spirit. Today, Kongo leaves his mark on any medium – whether wall, canvas, shop window, scarf, crystal bottle, car or even airplane – through multiple collaborations with brands like Hermès, Chanel, Richard Mille, Daum, La Cornue and Airbus. 

    Cyril Kongo once shared “Love is the ultimate inspiration in art. Love is not only about romance but also about family, friends, life and most importantly, yourself.” Bear that philosophy in mind, “Kongo Mask 2022” collection delivers the optimism and cheerful attitude. Each mask feature one painting from Cyril Kongo, which convey the message of belief, love, family along with the desire for travel and new discovery. By adding vibrant colours on these exclusive takes, we hope the collection can allay the fear of the pandemic and guide each person to the brighter vision of the future.



    Family comes first, always 

     Genuine emotional responses are regarded as the keystone of life. And for Cyril Kongo, the love for family has always been the motivation and the ultimate inspiration in his artworks.

    Paris – New York

    "Paris – New York" is part of the “Quai Voltaire” series, which marks the collaboration between Cyril Kongo and Chanel brand. Created at Karl Lagerfeld’s studio, this collection is a tribute to the ancient Egyptian culture through the first and most prestigious invention: written language.

    Which destination are you looking for, my friend?

    When the whole world froze due to the Covid epidemic, Cyril Kongo chose for himself a great way to explore the world - that is graffiti. The "Vogaye" collection was painted in 2020 when he had visited to Bali but could not return to France. It was the nostalgia of the freedom to travel that inspired Kongo to create the collection 'Voyage' - which means "trip" in French - expressing his desire for journeys, the source of energy. The positivity built from the patience and the tranquility in life. 

    The collection "Voyage" is like a story about the discoveries on the artist's own path, the story of cities, art and different cultures around the world. The places Kongo has been to and has his own unique experience. Outstanding works with distinctive vibrant colors and 3D graffiti techniques, Kongo has recreated a colorful and beautiful world when viewed from afar, promoting optimism and solidarity in the epidemic.


    “Inconditionnellement” is properly the answer to the question “What is love?”. Love is basic goodness and the total acceptance of someone without any strings attached or limitations. Love is unconditional! Isn’t it what we are all looking for in life?

    L’amour se fête chaque jour! 

    Your day might be less dull if you catch “L’amour se fête chaque jour!” mask on the street. The painting honours all form of love in life, proves that love can heal and passes on those positive vibes to others.


    - Domestic production in Vietnam
    - Kongo Mask 2022 is not for medical use
    - Recycled fabrics are made according to international recycle standards (GRS)
    - Fabric are treated to create antibacterial ability in the material
    - Non chemicals harmful to health, in accordance with production regulations for consumers
    - Care instructions: To clean your mask, gently hand wash with mild soap in cool water and hang dry
    - Each Kongo Mask Set 2022 Limited Edition is included of 5 designs



    4.299.000 VND / package (included VAT)

    150 USD / package (excluded taxes)

    132 Euro / package (excluded taxes)

    I. How to order?

    To order the Kongo Mask 2022 collection, customers can follow the following methods:

    - Method 1: Contact the hotline +84 843 22 55 00 for advice and direct orders.

    - Method 2: Contact via email cyrilkongo@ssgroup.net or ssart@ssgroup.net to order. When emailing, please send information according to the following syntax:

    Title: Order the Kongo Mask 2022 Collection

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    * First and last name:
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    - Method 3: Contact via 2 Facebook fanpages: www.fb.com/cyrilkongovietnamgallery or www.fb.com/ssart.vietnam for advice and direct order.

    - Method 4: Come to Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery and S&S Art Gallery to order:

    Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery | Address: No.9 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City

    S&S Art Gallery | Address: Union Square Shopping Center - 171 Dong Khoi, District 1,HCMC

    II. Payments
    To confirm the order and proceed to purchase the product, please complete the payment of the transaction amount through the following payment methods:

    - Bank Transfer:

    Receiving account information:

    + Account name: S&S ART JOINT STOCK COMPANY (note: the character “&” can be replaced by “And”)

    + Account number: 001-234053-001

    + Bank: HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd

    Transfer content has to follow according to the syntax: Kongo Mask [your phone number] [Area: Your City]

    After conducting the transaction, the staff of Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery will confirm with you as soon as possible, then proceed with the delivery.

    - Direct payment by cash or bank card:

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    III. Shipping Regulations

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    Note: Shipping costs and taxes (including import duties) will be paid by customers themselves. For bulk orders, please contact us for the best support.


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Cyril Kongo’s artworks is marked by his experience and his vision of life. After painting in the streets for more than 30 years and working so that graffiti can be perceived differently, this artist is now considered as a pioneer who understood how to break the codes and build something new through his contemporary and “avant-gardiste” point of view. His influences are multicultural, his level of excellence and his capacity to create new bridges between opposite worlds has forged his style and career.



Cyril Kongo has been able to associate his name with excellence, abundance and virtuosity. He comes from a marginalized environment which has been set aside of the institutionalized art industry but today this visionary artist is known internationally. His singular universe and his strong identity gave him the opportunity to collaborate with the most prestigious names of fashion such as Hermès, Chanel, Richard Mille but also with luxurious brands based on art and craftsmanship such as La Cornue, Pinel&Pinel, Atelier Victor, Daum,…