This January, Cyril Kongo is proudly to present the limited collection “Kongo Mask 2022”. These abstract prints from Cyril Kongo are sure to brighten your look.

Monaco, 23 September 2021 - Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) and world renowned contemporary artist Cyril Kongo, a.k.a. Mr Colorful, have jointly designed an ACJ cabin – the ACJ TwoTwenty special cabin edition by Cyril Kongo.
Cyril Kongo has a strong pioneering spirit which perfectly complements the ACJ's team’s innovative mindset, turning the extra-large biz-jet into a flying contemporary art gallery, thus, offering a never-done-before novel ambiance.


The Paris-based self-taught artist, who started off painting graffiti in the streets and today counts Richard Mille and Pierre-Alexis Dumas as his friends, now sets his sights on Southeast Asia.


“Count Your Blessings”
Tác phẩm “Count Your Blessings” nằm trong series "Émoticône", khai thác hành trình trở thành ngôn ngữ toàn cầu của những biểu tượng “emoji”. Được nghệ sỹ bắt tay thực hiện và hoàn thành vào năm 2020, tác phẩm không chỉ tôn vinh ngôn ngữ mới của thời đại – emoji – ngôn ngữ của những ký tự cảm xúc, mà còn một lần nữa cho ta thấy cách người nghệ sỹ đưa những điều đời thường nhất vào trong nghệ thuật.  


Virtual Visit of the exhibition “Kongo sur le toit de la grande Arche de la Défense Exhibition – Visit in 3D The artist decided to create a bridge between the world of luxury and street art nowadays he is willing to create a bridge between people and art… Indeed, in those time of isolation and …


Kongo New Monography Cyril Kongo’s newest monography brings together and explains all of his creation since 2014. Stéphane Corréard who is a French art critic, curator, journalist and collector introduces the artist’s body of work and emphasis the uniqueness of his journey. Through this book you will discover how Cyril Kongo conceptualize his pieces and …


The urban artist has designed a piece of art dedicated to hospital staff it has been Installed Thursday 7th of may on the walls of Lariboisière hospital. By making a donation to the caregiver you will help us to say thank you for their dedication, you will receive a limited edition photolithography . “Love is …